3 Main Steps To Take When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your dream wedding can be one of the most daunting tasks that you come across in your lifetime. For most people, it means rigorous planning and a stressful time ahead. But it really doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead and stay organized throughout the process. After all, planning your wedding must be something that requires your partner, family and friends to all come together, have a good time and make it memorable just as much as the big day itself. Here are some tips that you can take away with you when doing so. 

Setting up a budget

Single handedly the most important factor that you must consider before beginning an planning is your budget. It is important to keep your wishes realistic and stick to your budget at all times. For example; you can consider outsourcing a simple cocktail dinner menu with the necessary catering equipment instead of an extravagant seven course dinner menu. Either way, remember that most guests will remember your wedding for you and the experience it gives so overspending on unnecessary details would be a waste.

Setting up the timeline 

Next in line is to develop a sensible timeline for planning the wedding depending on the time you have given yourself. You can get some basic guidance about wedding timelines from guides in magazines or online. In general the usual time line assumes you have about 12 months to plan, if you have less than that simply allocate the times to fit with your schedule. Keep in mind that the last 3 months are the most crucial anyway. Stick to the intricate details and don’t worry too much about the broader aspects for example; catering and how commercial dish washing equipment can be used for dish washing efficiency

Decide on the scale of your wedding

The scale of the wedding largely depends on the guest list and this is something that you and your partner must decide on collectively.  It’s important to find out what each ones thoughts and desires are for the wedding in order it to be memorable. The number of guests at your wedding will give you an idea of how big the venue must be, what your food and beverage will be, invitations and the overall costs. In this decision process, you will also get to decide on your bridal retinue such as how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you would like to have. The sooner you pick the wedding venue, the better chances of getting everything organized. This is true especially if you plan on having your wedding at the peak seasons.

Finn Longworth